To revitalize the housing sector, many structures have entered the scene. Among the most prestigious on the market is the Saint-Gobain Group. This is a company that has gained the trust of many people and has become one of the most essential in the field. If you want to know more about this company, this article will be of great help.

The Saint-Gobain group: what to know?

The Saint-Gobain Group is a very fascinating company that is admired by many people. Soon after its establishment, it managed to beat the competition and became the best in the market. Here is a little insight into this company.

Saint Gobain

History of Saint-Gobain Group

Saint-Gobain is a French company responsible for the manufacture and distribution of building materials. It was founded in 1665 by Jean-Baptiste Colbert during the reign of Louis XIV and was known as the** Royal Glass Factory**. It was set up to enable France to be less dependent on glass production.

Since its creation, the Saint-Gobain group has been marked by important events. Indeed, it merged with Pont-à-Mousson in 1971 and acquired the Point P group in 1996. After receiving the name of Saint-Gobain because of the region in which it was located, it has been very successful. Thus, in 2005, it acquired the British Plaster Board and became the world leader in plasterboard. It is now in charge of innovating building materials that go far beyond glass.

Presentation of the Saint-Gobain Group

With a mission to ensure the well-being of everyone and the future of all in terms of construction, the Saint-Gobain group is led by Benoit Bazin who serves as CEO. Their headquarters are based in France, more precisely in the Tour Saint-Gobain region. For the good functioning of this company, some institutions hold shares whether in France, Europe, or America.

In addition, this company has many subsidiaries covering the entire French territory. It is also present in the world through more than 70 countries. It has 12 research centers and 101 development units. The Saint-Gobain group has more than 175,000 members and a turnover of more than 43 billion euros.

With more than 350 years of experience, this company has been able to put its knowledge to work to gain the trust of many people. This can be seen in the development of **more efficient materials **with the main objective of combining living comfort with energy efficiency. You can check here to know how to invest correctly.

Saint-Gobain Group’s field of activity

The Saint-Gobain Group focuses solely on building materials, whether in production, processing or distribution.

This company also deals with the renovation of houses thanks to its skilled workers. Indeed, it has among its staff trustworthy craftsmen with an outstanding expertise. Thus, you can call upon this company for your renovation work whether it is at the level of :

  • insulation ;
  • plumbing ;
  • air conditioning ;
  • heat pump ;
  • energy, etc.

To do this, simply contact the company using the customer service number.

Advantages of investing in Saint-Gobain stock

If you want to buy a share in the company Saint-Gobain, you should know that it would be a golden opportunity for you. Indeed, this company is the undisputed world leader in the field of building materials distribution. In addition to its position in the world, its share price has doubled and continues to grow over time. Thus, investing in such a company can only be a more than profitable investment.

Moreover, based on the reasoning of Saint-Gobain analysts, each share has an interest of more than 2.6%. It would be almost impossible to be indifferent to this very attractive offer.

Finally, Saint-Gobain is doing everything in its power to raise the bar on these shares. All these reasons show that it would be interesting to invest in the Saint-Gobain share.

These different information will allow you to know more about this company which represents the number 1 on the French market.