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Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen Springfield MOYou may have never thought it possible to have an outdoor kitchen but you can with the help of SPMO Remodeling in Springfield, MO. Whether you already have an outdoor kitchen that needs remodeling or you would like a brand spanking new one, we can provide it to you. Our remodeling contractors have installed thousands and are prepared to install thousands more. With the help of our award-winning design team, we can take your non-functional outdoor kitchen area and turn it into a fully functional outdoor kitchen. If you’re looking for someone to build one from scratch, you’ve come to the right place.

Why Remodel

You might have an outdoor kitchen but it may not suit your existing needs. Perhaps when you first had it installed it did. You may have some of the basics but you may lack sufficient counter space. Let our experienced remodeling professionals show you what they can do to solve this issue. If you don’t know where you’ll get the space for your outdoor kitchen, leave this in the hands of our experts. They know how to maximize your existing space to give you an outdoor kitchen that you can start using right away.

Zones for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are designed by zones. This makes the kitchen practical and functional. The first thing that our remodeling contractors will do is identify where the zones will be. The zones are hot, cold, dry and wet zones. If you don’t want to spend too long in the kitchen then the zones must be identified, as it helps you to work more efficiently. The zones will include your storage, countertops, refrigerator, and whatever is needed for a functional outdoor kitchen. Extras can be added at the discretion of the homeowner.

Landing Space

One of the challenges that many homeowners have is the amount of counter space they have or landing space. There is often the complaint that there is not enough space to prep meals. This often requires us to make the kitchen longer or wider. Everything needs to be given serious consideration before this can be done. However, with the level of experience that our Springfield contractors have, it can be done very easily. Keep in mind that when we extend the landing space, you may loose space somewhere else in the kitchen. If you’re ok with that then we can get started right away!

Why Hire SPMO Remodeling

If you want to maximize your remodeling budget then do yourself a favor by allowing SPMO Remodeling to handle your outdoor kitchen remodel. Our design professionals know how to maximize your budget with practical and useful solutions. Even when our customers have an idea of how they want their outdoor kitchen to look, they may not know the cost associated. Our job is to help them get what they want at a rate that they can afford, which we are very successful at doing. Rely on us for an affordable outdoor kitchen remodel.