To benefit from an excellent comfort in its housing, it is sometimes necessary to carry out renovation work. Whether it is the renovation of the kitchen, the living room, the shower room or the bedrooms, interior renovation is often a long and tedious process. Here are a few tips to help you succeed in renovating your home.

The steps of an interior renovation

To successfully renovate your home, it is necessary to follow certain steps.

Conduct a feasibility study

To be sure to follow the program of your work, it is necessary to define your project with the greatest precision. Another advice is to establish a schedule of conditions of your activities. In addition, you must define your priorities in order to avoid forgetting details or making mistakes in your organization. Finally, ask the town hall nearest your home for a local urban plan (PLU). This document will give you a precise idea of whether or not your renovation or rehabilitation project is feasible.

Choose the right materials

In terms of renovation, the choice of materials represents about 40% of the total cost of the work. Whether it’s entry-level or mid-range materials or high-end equipment, the final bill can quickly double. It is therefore advisable to bet on quality materials at a lower cost. You won’t have to worry about this if you use a professional craftsman to purchase the materials. In fact, you will be covered by the craftsman’s insurer, as he will have a two-year warranty.

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Invest in an efficient and ecological heating system

A successful renovation requires the installation of an efficient and ecological heating system. Ecology plays an important role in the construction industry. In addition to participating in the preservation of the planet, this gesture allows you to benefit from many financial aids during the renovation of your heating system (MaPrimeR√©nov’, the aids of the Anah, the eco-loan at zero rate…).

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Think about the insulation system of your house

A perfectly renovated house is one that has an effective and efficient insulation system. A well insulated house can indeed allow you to benefit from an excellent comfort on the one hand, but it will also help you to make some savings on your energy consumption.

Don’t forget the interior decoration

To give a new life to your interior, it is also necessary to think about the decoration style of your house. If you are Feng-shui, think about changing the place of your furniture and don’t hesitate to add some color to your interior. To surprise your guests, create a trendy decoration that will be in your image.

The average price for an interior renovation

The cost of a renovation depends on many factors such as your address and the type of renovation desired (kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation…). Indeed, the average price of a renovation is different when you live in the city or in the country. On average, the total cost of an interior renovation is estimated to be around 600 to 1000 euros per square meter.

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On the other hand, when it comes to a heavy renovation, the average price varies between 1000 and 1500 euros per square meter. However, for a light renovation of a house, you should count between 200 and 400 euros per square meter. Please note that this price can go down or up depending on your address. As a general rule, the interior renovation of a house located in the city center is much more expensive than that of a house located in the countryside.

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Which professional to choose for an interior renovation?

Interior renovation is a job that requires know-how and certain skills. Indeed, when you plan to renovate your interior, certain steps must be taken before the work begins. For example, you need to obtain a building permit if you are planning to transform a room or extend a building. In this case, the intervention of a renovation company or an interior architect is highly recommended.

Indeed, these professionals have all the necessary qualities and skills to design a layout according to your needs and desires. Among the best renovation companies you can contact are :

  • JCV Renov Plus ;
  • Saint-Gobain ;
  • GPS Sas ;
  • BSF Construction ;
  • Tout En Un Renov…

The interior designer is also the most qualified person to efficiently exploit all the potentialities of your home. On the other hand, the renovation company will also take care of all the administrative formalities necessary for the realization of the renovation work.